Tuesday 12 March 2013

A short introduction

So my adventures in publishing, after a serious hiatus, started up again last year. I had a vague plan in my 20's that I would "get into publishing" and went on the Oxford Brookes PGDip in Publishing - lots of links there in London and Oxford naturally. Not so many in Bristol and Bristol I came back to. Then in 2009 prompted by my other half I joined Librarything http://www.librarything.com/home/psutto and after slowly rediscovering my love of books, by reading more and more per year in 2011 I went to the first Bristol Festival of Literature http://unputdownable.org. My thought at that time was "it's about time Bristol had its own Lit Fest!". Inspired by that I sent a mail off to the organisers offering to help. Some months later I was delivering a literary treasure hunt as part of the 2012 festival based upon Treasure Island that the nice folks at Wordsworth http://www.wordsworth-editions.com/ donated 100 copies to.
Having met a bunch of great folks at the festival and continuing to review books for LT I thought it was time to start a bit of a blog. As you can probably tell I've been inspired by the BLDGBLOG http://bldgblog.blogspot.co.uk/ when it comes to a name...

So that's my brief introductory note to the blog, now I need to work out how to do pictures and other snazzy stuff...

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