Friday 17 January 2014

Dark Satanic Mills by Marcus & Julian Sedgwick




In a near future Britain science has become distrusted because of environmental disasters and there is a resurgence of a powerful church, one that does not suffer heresy lightly, one that is fascist in outlook. Motorbike courier Christy fails to make a delivery as she stops to help a man who is being attacked for being an atheist. They find that what she fails to deliver is a set of documents with uncomfortable truths about the True Church that the church would do anything to get back. Using the work of William Blake as inspiration and structure with an afterword by the Sedgwicks as to why Blake’s work was so important to them. The art is reminiscent of early 80’s comics and the tone is very similar to V for vendetta and Bill Savage in 200AD so felt somewhat nostalgic even though it’s bang up to date. Sadly the story doesn’t quite live up to its promise and being a standalone feels a little rushed. It would have been better as a series I think as it feels as though it needs a little more room.


Overall - Enjoyable enough and I really like the artistic style and Blake references.

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