Wednesday 4 February 2015

Small Stories

Small Stories

When Small Stories burst onto the scene back at the Bird Cage, just a few short months ago, not even a year, I was hooked. I attended all but one (and I was out of the country for the one I couldn't attend.) I watched, listened and joined in as the events got ever better.

On Monday the last chapter of this remarkable event happened & I started things off with Hater, from North by Southwest (coming very soon from Tangent books)

Final chapter of Small Stories Bristol story-telling event featuring incredible talent of Nathan Williams, Pete Sutton and David J Rodger
As usual there was a live drawing, this time of Tim Popple's memorably dark tale Instagraham by Small's very own Natalie Burns.

It was a break up event, appropriate to the anti-Valentines theme many of the readers took. I know that it will be sorely missed and the lit scene is poorer without it. But I'm hoping the team will be back & working with Bristol festival of literature later in the year.

This last chapter, like the last chapter of a book you have loved, ended leaving us wanting more, and yet satisfied with the way it ended. On a high, with a full room, a great mix of readers, many of whom have found friends through this set of events, and a storming set of performances.

My favourites on the night were Nathan Williams with a characteristically comic modern tale about ISIS, Christopher Fielden's unforgettable Batman themed story and also worth a mention was David Rodger's Fast Love Die and the extremely long titled story from Ellen Waddell.

I hope to see the readers around the Bristol Lit Scene again soon. Maybe at Let Me Tell You a Story Jack

Ellen is doing a one woman show which still has tickets available & looks great.

A huge, and heartfelt thankyou to Sian & Nat for putting on an excellent set of events and for all their hard work last year for Small Stories: Big Books, taking my rather woolly idea and making it work!

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