Wednesday 14 October 2015

Bristol Festival of Literature - where you can find me

The festival starts tomorrow and I'm going to be run off my feet

First up I'll be acting in "An Evening at the Fear Institute" four adaptations of Jonathan L Howard's Johannes Cabal stories. I adapted one of the stories and will be acting in two of them.

Then on Friday I'll be at Creating Comics with Mike Carey, Paul Cornell, Cavan Scott, Jessica Bradley and Cheryl Morgan

Saturday I'll be at Bristol HorrorCon where I'm hosting a panel with Mike Carey, Jonathan L Howard, Sara Jayne Townsend and Rosie Sharratt.

Following that I'll be at the BFL Launch party at the Watershed.

Sunday I'll be selling books at the Book Bazaar all day.

Monday I'll be at the Shakespeare Tavern for more Jonathan L Howard, and Jo Hall

Tuesday it's the Bristol Writers in the caves

Wednesday I'll be reading at Written from Art and then going to Word of Mouth

Thursday the North Bristol Writers will be turning up mob handed to Novel Nights (after stalking Jonathan L Howard once again as he does his signing in Forbidden Planet)

Friday is the Flash Slam where the North Bristol Writers will be competing

And it all comes to a resounding finish at the Speakeasy on Saturday

Phew - a whirlwind of literary events! I'll need a holiday once it's all over!

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