Friday 21 October 2016

Review - David Tallerman & Anthony Summey C21st Gods

21st Century Gods by David Tallerman & Anthony Summey

I was so happy to be able to snag a copy of this from Netgalley. I've been a big fan of Tallerman's since I read Giant Thief and have enjoyed everything I've read from him so far. So when he announced he was tackling a comic (a format I'm a big fan of) involving noir (a genre I like) and Call of Cthulhu I was so keen to grab hold.

And it doesn't disappoint. The art is crisp and reminded me a little of Dave Gibbons and fit the story well. The trenchcoated, bearded detective instantly likeable and the horror built well in this first issue.

There are some well-drawn tableaux's of murders towards the end of the issue that are a morbid pleasure to see. This is a nice little introduction and my appetite is definitely whetted for the next one...

Overall - This is going to be a series to look out for - take yourself over to Tallerman's blog to see what he says about it - it's worth reading

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