Friday 25 November 2016

Cover Reveal - The Dark Half of the Year

The North Bristol Writers have been working on a book this year and it's almost ready. It's called "The Dark Half of the Year" and it's a collection of ghost tales - the idea was for it to be ready by Christmas in the best M R James fashion with all stories based around winter holidays.
There's an introduction by Cavan Scott
And stories from these fantastic writers:
Kevlin Henney
Desiree Fischer
Ian Millsted
Roz Clarke
Chrissey Harrison
Dolly Garland
Ian McConaghy
Suzanne McConaghy
Myfanwy Rodman
Kenneth Peter Shinn
Madeleine Meyjes
Justin Newland
Clare Dornan
Tom Parker
Maria Herring
Nick Walters
and Peter Sutton
with a cover by Ian McConaghy
If you'd like a copy in return for a review let me know in the comments (first few comments only)
We'll be doing a launch event early 2017 with readings and book signing and other such fun

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