Monday 15 April 2013

Very happy to see a few names in this piece that I am following/have read. Lauren Beukes, Joe Hill, China Mieville, Carlton Mellick III and Cat Valente. All good picks. I am now intrigued by those on the list that I've not read, especially Aliette De Bodard who I've heard good things about.

I do think there's a few missed off the list that should be included Lavie Tidhar for example (although no idea how old he is), Jeff Vandermeer for sure (although he is over 40), Adam Christopher maybe, Nick Harkaway & Paul Cornell. I'm sure there are others.

However there are a few new up and coming authors that I hope will eventually make it to such a list - Emma Newman & Gaie Sebold for sure, Karen Tidbeck definitely. Hopefully in a few years’ time they'll be huge.

And I'm sure there are some complete unknowns waiting in the wings who will be published in the next couple of years that will be the new new movers and shakers.

Who would be in your top 20?

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