Wednesday 10 April 2013

Lurgy strikes!

Having been ill recently nothing has been written here, as you can see from the post dates.

Whilst in recovery I went along to the Laydeez do Comics event in Foyles with Guests: Joff Winterhart, Hannah Berry, and Rosie Faragher as well as Bristol's own Katie Green keeping the minutes in a comic book style (look out for that on the laydeez do comics website soon)

Rosie seemed quite nervous but Loaf seems quite interesting, aimed at 9-12 year olds

Joff was a very engaging speaker and I nabbed a copy of his Days of the Bagnold Summer which I'm looking forward to reading & will post a review here

Hannah was very entertaining and I'm excited that she's working on a new book as well as getting her to sign her previous books again, that's likely to run on and on so that every time I see her I'll get her to sign her books again.

There was also beer & wine (and soft drinks for those of us who were driving) and vegan flapjack.

Looking to get tickets to see Joe Hill at Waterstones

Currently reading Coral: A pessimist in paradise by Steve Jones

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