Wednesday 20 November 2013

On Monday I attended the BristolCon Fringe event in the Shakespeare pub in Bristol. There were two readers: Ian Millstead, who read his story from the forthcoming Airship shape and Bristol fashion anthology, and Jonathan L Howard who read a brand new story and the prologue from the forthcoming 4th Johannes Cabal book. Jonathan advised us that we were trial subjects as his first story was an experimental piece and I’m glad to say it was an enjoyable piece. Ian’s piece was very much Bristol based, full of Victorian science and featured William Friese-Green, but won’t be putting spoilers here! Apart from a few sound issues (and a loud member of the public who was admirably handled by the BristolCon guys) this was a really nice evening. The next BristolCon Fringe will be on Monday 16th December with Joanne Hall and Kevlin Henney and I’m looking forward to it.

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