Tuesday 15 April 2014

BristolCon Fringe

Last night was BristolCon Fringe. It was a notable one for two reasons - there were 8 readers and one of those readers was me. Link to the audio will be provided when I get it.

As always it was a game of two halves. We were kicked off with two great stories from Pauline Masurel whose astronomical stories had us all laughing. She was followed by Jonathan Pinnock with a very short Satanic story and a salutory tale of what to do with strange meat, or rather what not to do. Jonathan was followed by Jonathan L Howard with an extract from one of his Goon Squad stories which was highly entertaining, more stories should have the words "wolf junk" in them! Our final reader of the first half was organiser Kevlin Henney who had herded us writers, a much harder job than herding cats it seems. He had two stories the second of which featured computer viruses and sex dolls....

The second half was kicked off by Louise Gethin with a lovely story about gnomes. She was followed by Cheryl Morgan who told us a rather clever tale of Ishtar and Tiamat and the end of all things. Next up was Justin Newland whose story heavily featured chains and rocks. Finally there was yours truly with a story about roadkill. This is the second story of mine to feature roadkill and the third to include the counting birds trope (one for sorrow...) so maybe I should make that a thing? <scribbles a half legible note about self-anthologising>

It was a fun and varied evening that I'd do again in a shot, but next time I'll try to convince Kevlin not to put me on last!

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