Friday 10 July 2015

Review of Demon Dance by Brian Freyermuth

Demon Dance
Freyermuth has created an enjoyable Urban Fantasy in this, a first in a series. He's taken In Media Res to heart and we get dropped straight into a story that feels as though it is part of an ongoing story. So much so in fact that I wondered if there'd been another book before this one. Our hero, snarky, Nick St James, is a former private investigator, who appears to have a few problems with authority.

The book opens with Nick, attempting to put his old life behind him, due to reasons (that are made clear later in the book), accosted by Coyote, the Native American trickster god. Coyote puts him in peril and then delivers a dragon scale that a dragon wants him to have for reasons (that are not made so clear later in the book).

Then Nick is visited by a vampire, that he knows from his former life, the sister of his dead wife and then there are demons and angels and a plot involving a homeless shelter, a senator and a child.

This is an entertaining read in the vein of Jim Butcher and does to Seattle what Butcher does to Chicago, populate it with an interesting cast of supernatural folk. Nick's powers as a Sundancer (what he is, and how he came to be that way are never described in the book) come in handy but he still gets the crap kicked out of him at every turn.

There are a few flaws with the book, the lack of explanations being one, but it is a fine first book and an enjoyable read. Once Freyermuth hits his stride, a book or two down the line, he'll be someone to watch.

Overall - If you're a fan of the Dresden Files you'll enjoy this

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