Tuesday 7 May 2013

Emma Newman, author of the Split worlds trilogy, is doing something interesting as part of the run up to the 2nd split world book being launched.

She's crowd-sourcing wishes

Yes, you heard me, wishes

So if you had 3 wishes, achievable ones mind, no "I wish I could fly like Superman" or "I wish I was invisible" (2 of my favourites from childhood there) but ones that potentially a person or organisation could grant what would they be?

Like "I wish Angry Robot would commission me to write a book, and then be able to write a book that lives up to AR's high standards" or "I wish I could find an illustrator and a publisher for the GN idea I have (big hint Dark Horse comics, big hint)" or even "I wish I could get a publishing job, in Bristol, earning the same money I earn now doing not-publishing stuff"

That would be my 3 totally selfish wishes - I could think of less selfish wishes which reminds me of school. In primary school I remember a teacher asking "If you could have any wish, what would you wish for?" and my best friend at the time, Steven Pengelly, said "I wish I could fly" and the teacher looked scornfully at him and said "what a wasted wish, you should wish for world peace or an end to hunger". I think she may have misjudged her audience there, I think we were about 8 years old. What do 8 year olds care about world peace? In fact 8 year old boys are really into war, I know I was. I just didn't understand what war was, I thought it was about beating the Nazis mainly. I remember a few years later during the Falklands war we were forced to listen to the news in school on the radio by a jingoistic teacher.


"These three wishes are part of a wish-making community organised by author Emma Newman to celebrate the release of the second Split Worlds novel "Any Other Name". Can you make any of them come true? Come and see what other people are wishing for and find out how to join in at www.splitworlds.com/split-worlds-extra/three-wishes  – who knows, perhaps someone could make one of your wishes come true."

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