Friday 21 June 2013

Been out in Finland this week in the run up to the longest day. No book related news. Tomorrow is NFFD which I'm going to miss all the festivities as I'll be in a field in Wales.

Excited that 2 more of my stories have been accepted, news as to where you can see them will follow once I'm allowed to publicise although have had a rain of rejections recently too. Ah well, so it goes, one of my rejections went on to be accepted elsewhere though.

I'll be starting the write-a-thon on Sunday but am already behind really as I was supposed to do my outline already. I'll probably go above and beyond my word count on Sunday as I'll also work on the outline. I'll be using a tried and tested technique (that Steinbeck, one of my literary heroes, used) which is to write a few words unrelated to my main writing task. I'm planning on doing that here.

still time to drop by and sponsor me -anything you can give will help. If you sponsor me $10 I'll let you have a copy of the eventual book (that's like buying a book for about £6.50)

I was really happy to see that the books from both Wordsworth and Penguin have arrived so we now have our stock of prizes for the BFL event I'm running on October 19th. More details of that in the coming weeks, it's a really exciting event with all sorts of great people involved.

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