Monday 3 June 2013

Very happy that my short White noise/Black silence has been chosen by 1000 words in their flash fiction competition here there will be a story printed every day (Monday-Friday) throught June, mine will be on the 27th

Sad to have missed Joe Hill at Waterstones because of a work trip to Paris. Especially since work stuffed up my hotel booking and I spent all night sorting out an alternative hotel. I did eat at a nice Vietnamese restaurant though, so not all bad.

Excited that this month I have tickets to see both Neil Gaiman and Adam Johnson (author of The Orphan Master's son)

Wednesday is Word of Mouth and this month is poetry related!/events/492094730863634/

Over on LT on the 2013 challenge we decided after seeing that women are poorly served by reviewers, especially in SF&F, that we would dedicate a month to reading women writers. That's June.

It's sad that sexism is still so rife. I've previously written that it's a bit strange that when things from the 60's & 70's are rebooted (Dr Who, Star Trek immediately spring to mind) that the inherent sexism is also brought wholesale. Chuck Wendig in his own inimitable way discusses it the Dr Who thing here:

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