Friday 7 June 2013

So I just re-read my review of The Shining Girls and realised that although I rated it Good I spent almost the whole review saying what I didn't like about it! Let me remedy that... What I did like - Kirby was a great protagonist and her interactions with Dan were great. I loved what Beukes did with the idea of trophies. The structure of the book was genius, the pacing was very good and the writing is very very good.

Really enjoying the 1000 words so far, looking forward to seeing which 3 get Editor's choice.

I have tickets to see Adam Johnson at the fantastic Mr B's but looks like someone else will benefit from mine as I have to go to Finland with work :-( That's the second event I'm missing because of last minute travel! First Joe Hill, gutted I missed that event, now Adam Johnson. Not going to let anything stop me going to the Neil Gaiman event in Bath though!

Missed a couple of Friday Flash so will attempt to remedy that today if the workload allows...

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