Monday 30 June 2014

That's five things

Been tagged by Sarah Ellender to write 5 things about my Work in Progress.

1 - The working title is "Seven Deadly Swords"
2 - 7 word pitch is "Cursed crusader spends several lifetimes seeking redemption"
3 - So what's it really about? During the first Crusade in the 11th century a set of knights form together in a new order dedicated to the Seven Heavenly Virtues. They become cursed by the Seven Deadly Sins and the story is of one of them Patience/Wrath attempting to break the curse across the ages.
4 - I started writing this as a comic script in 2013. When it was passed over by a couple of comics folk I wondered if it would work as a novel. I'm now around about 45,000 words through the first draft and that's roughly half way I reckon.
5 - I wrote the first 20k pretty fast, easy as most of it was in script form anyway, however the rest has crawled along adding a few thousand words here and there. This is why I've signed up for Clarion Write-a-thon in order to try and crank out 40k in 6 weeks. So far I'm on track. If you fancy sponsoring this mad dash for the finish line you can do here

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