Friday 4 July 2014

Today's guest post is by Emma Russell

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Emma dropped in to tell me what she learned about writing by writing her novel

Emma Russell is a twenty three year old freelance writer, blogger and book enthusiast. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in English Literature from the University of Ireland, Maynooth and after a year teaching English in Greece has since returned to complete an MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. She is a member of London Writer’s Circle and Freehand Writers, Oxford. Emma’s first novella ‘The Stolen Rose’, will be released as a free ebook in August. You can read a preview on her website and can follow her on Facebook and Twitter  

Over to Emma:

What I learned about writing when I wrote The Stolen Rose: Lessons from a tumultuous journey


#1. Caffeine is gold dust.                                                                                                           

First on the list, and rightly so. I have yet to meet a writer not completely dependent on the life-giving, idea-inspiring substance.

#2. Write for others.

It’s too easy to get lost in the art of your form, but the audience aren’t mind-readers so keep it simple. Don’t try to be the next James Joyce, just be yourself.

#3. Write about what inspires you.

Nothing shines through great fiction more than an author’s love of their work. Writing’s not easy, so what’s the point if you’re not passionate about what you do?

#4. Call yourself a writer.

Establish an online presence with a website, build up a network of followers on Facebook and Twitter, offer interesting content and stay connected. Nobody can sell you or your work better than you can.

#5. Prepare to be the best and worst version of yourself.

Expect three-day old clothes, unbrushed hair and a diet of chocolate chip muffins. You may terrify children in the street but that elusive ‘writer’s glow’ will shine through the grime and stress. Personally, if it means I can follow my dream and write, I’d settle for a grimey, but happy, version of myself any day.

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