Friday 26 April 2013

Inspired by Dave Gullen who does a Friday flash I've done a Friday Flash too....

Wrinkly Slag Tags

The old guy in front of me was a new client. I hoped he was going to be easier to deal with than

some of my other clients. I needed the money though so was swallowing my usual disgust for the

old and was exuding zen-like patience. I wondered why so many people hitting their 70’s and 80’s

had gone for body modification. After looking at so many wrinkly tattoos and stretched ear lobes I

was genuinely baffled.

I got out a fresh intsamp and asked the old guy to get ready. Luckily he wasn’t a modder, he didn’t have a Prince Albert thank god. He also didn’t seem to have any tattoos or other piercings either. Or the tell-tale holes left behind by removed piercings.

“Try to relax. You’ve never gone in for any tattoos or piercings have you?”

“No” He said in a confused tone. “Is that linked to my condition then?”

“What? No not at all, I was just thinking that there seemed to be a lot of people your age that have. Lots of markings I’ve seen”

“Slag tags?”

“You what? Relax please.” I inserted the device and let it do the work of sampling

“mmmmfff, slag tags, women with tattoos just above their bum?”

“Never heard them called that before” I said looking at the read out on the back of the intsamp “you’ll be relieved to hear that you have an all clear” I said removing the device and ejecting the disposable part.

“Well that’s a relief then.”

“OK sir, I’ll print off a drug for you for the constipation, see you in another year”

I’m going to have to get out of the travelling proctology game I thought to myself for the millionth time.

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