Thursday 18 April 2013

Very short review of Days of the Bagnold Summer

by Joff Winterheart



The Bagnolds are Sue, a 50+ yr old divorcee and Daniel a 15 year old metal fan. When Daniel’s father, who lives in the USA, and his new wife have a baby Daniel is not able to spend the summer with them as planned. He spends the summer hanging out with his friend Ky, toying with joining a band and alternatively getting under his mother’s feet and spending a lot of his time in his room, like all teenagers I think. The book has a simple 6 panels per page format and black & white art which fits well. I have seen reviews that say that this is unremitting and that Sue has an awful life but there is a lot of wry humour in here.


Overall – Simple yet engaging episodic story

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