Tuesday 20 May 2014

From a Killer's Mind Review

From a killer’s mind by Jason Helford


FROM A KILLER'S MIND by Jason Helford

John is a serial killer. We follow him pursuing his ‘work’ as he meticulously plans another kill, using a map he has painstakingly noted all of the places he’s visited, the routes he’s taken etc. We see that he practices meditation to keep from going mad. When he brings his ‘epiphany’ home and chains her to a chair in his bomb shelter basement he sits down to meditate to obtain the calm frame of mind needed. When he wakes things are different. He has manifested, something (Tulpa – although never stated as such in the book). Things then get pretty complicated for John.


Helford takes his premise and runs about as far as he can with it. John’s current complicated life is interspersed with his pretty horrendous childhood, told in flashback. His monster of a father, aided and abetted by his mother torture him. His school life is pretty much as you’d expect, loner abused by peers. It’s a mainly psychological piece but does have a fair bit of torture and other “nasty bits.” It’s a pretty neat idea and there are some genuinely creepy moments. Readers with a strong stomach will enjoy this, not for those who can’t handle body shock. It’s a self-pub and there are a couple of minor things that could have done with a bit of tighter editing but only really nitpicky stuff, a couple of typos, no more than I’ve seen in some more trad published works.


Overall - A quick and entertaining read

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