Monday 16 March 2015

Let me tell you a story Jack

So last week I finally got round to going to "Let me tell you a story Jack" at the Crofter's Rights in Stokes Croft (a pub I last went to around 15 years ago!)

I was reading, a short entitled "I, Butler" and very short "Not Alone" (last performed at NFFD).

There's a picture of me performing it over here -

Really liked the format of having Will singing songs and the "Lies & Deceit" post-it notes livening up things in-between the readings.

Most of the stories were light-hearted so perhaps my dark tales didn't really gel with the tone of the evening, but it was nice to perform something new.

Shonette and Tom Parker both told true stories which is impressive - I'd ramble without notes!


Kevlin Henney read his very entertaining "So you think you can cook?"


Other notable performances were by Christie Cluett


Mark Rutterford (with nice Kazoo work)


and Nathan Williams


Will also displayed a Simon Munnery level of headwear to demonstrate how lies work.


Congrats to the medal winners. I'll definitely try and get back there next time & hope to see you there!

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