Wednesday 23 September 2015

My BristolCon

BristolCon has rolled around again and I'm on the program again.

On Friday there is a "How to perform" workshop followed by the legendary Open Mic, which I'll be compering with Roz Clarke

At BristolCon itself I'm on first thing on:

10 – 10:45Lost Cities and Abandoned Places
Lost and abandoned places are an endless source of fascination, from Atlantis to Pripyat. The panelists discuss their favourite lost and abandoned places in fiction and move on to consider lost real-world places, including those we have lost in our lifetime, and how they could inspire future works of fiction.

Books will also be on sale - 

Copies of Former Heroes

Former Heroes by Pete Sutton

North by Southwest: An Anthology by North…

Will be on sale on the BristolCon trader's table

You'll probably find me hanging around the bar if you fancy a chat.

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