Monday 20 May 2013

Had a bit of a book themed day on Saturday. I went on a walk with Eugene Byrne as part of the Festival of Ideas, I went to the launch of Adventure Rocketship! at Forbidden Planet, I went to a Vala meeting and then for a change of pace I went to see a film.


Eugene Byrne entertained a gaggle of us who followed him and his helper, Sheila, around Bristol whilst he pointed out places where structures hadn't been built. From concrete plazas in the sky to a giant memorial to George Vth and a dual carriageway through the docks. Eugene was his usual excellent self and happily signed our copy of his book Unbuilt city (review to follow soon) before we had to rush off to Forbidden Planet. However along the way we just had time to enjoy a Falafel from Bristol institution the Falafel King, just a shame that the weather had turned a bit grey by then


At Forbidden Planet a who's who of the local SF&F literati turned out to launch Adventure Rocketship! (review on this blog 2nd May). Liz Williams read from her short story and Tim Maughan and Rob Williams were on hand to sign the book. Seems a little odd that they couldn’t do a reading too!


Non-book related film at the Watershed was Hijacking, a Danish film about Somali pirates. Really good in an understated way, tense and atmospheric.

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