Tuesday 14 May 2013

You know when you get a book by an author you like and they have decided to do something a bit different? well I have started reading The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes and it's not that similar to her other stuff. Luckily though, at a little over half way through I find that I don't mind and am enjoying it. There's some juggling going on by Beukes with this plot and I'm hoping she doesn't drop the ball so am still a little nervous about it. So far though, thumbs up. More when I've finished it...

In other news I'm off on a walking tour of Bristol this weekend in the company of the marvellous Eugene Byrne (he also promises cake and a chance to buy his new book) on this:


I'll post a review of that too

and I'm excited about going to the official launch of Adventure Rocketship in Bristol Forbidden Planet  - should be good :-)



  1. update - finished Shining girls, letting my thoughts on it gather before writing review - watch this space

  2. updated update - review delay


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