Wednesday 17 July 2013

It's been less than 5 months since I started writing and I've already learned a lot. At the moment I'm in the "enthusiastic amateur" category. I should invest in a grammar guide.  That some people in the publishing industry seem extremely rude (but are probably very very busy) but most people are lovely and helpful. That short stories are hard and I seem to be better at flash fiction. That stories are not necessarily finished even if I think they are. That there are a lot of other writers and therefore competition out there. That writing is mostly fun, but some days it feels like trying to nail a blancmange to a wall. That this is a long haul. That I should probably do a writing workshop/course/retreat. That I should join a writing group (see below).

highlights of the last 5 months:

My story White noise/Black silence getting on 1000 words

My story  The cat's got it getting on stories with pictures (publication date TBC)

My story Artifice Perdu being accepted for Airship shape and Bristol fashion Steampunk anthology

Getting a rejection from The writer's forum with a critique which included: "This is very well written and atmospheric" and "You have a lovely easy to read writing style and I hope to see more of your work." Despite also identifying what my main problem with the short story form is "it doesn’t feel like a complete short story. The ending leaves me feeling as if it is actually the end of the beginning of the story" The critique could have been much worse! and I'm encouraged by the last comment "Needs some work but has potential" which is kind of where I'd hoped I'd be at this stage...

down points in the last 5 months is every single rejection I've had, although notably The cat's got it was rejected by one place and accepted on the second place I submitted.

The North Bristol Writing Group was semi-moribund but after I approached them and have now met with the organiser I hope to kick off a regular meeting starting in September.

I am helping to organise a Reading group too with Vala co-op starting in october

Things are coming together for the BFL events I'm running

I went to see Richard Herring at the Tobacco Factory on Monday, as usual he was very funny. I found the set quite interesting as you could see that he was developing his show for Edinburgh We're all going to die some stuff worked, some he adlibbed, some didn't work.

Tomorrow I'll be at the wonderful Mr B's in Bath to see Jonathan Grimwood talk about his new book The last banquet



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