Monday 1 July 2013

So last week I was really rather busy. On Tuesday I went to a meeting at the watershed to talk to some guys about doing something exciting for BFL. More on that later...

On Wednesday I went to see Eugene Byrne and George Ferguson talk about Unbuilt Bristol

although both Eugene and George's talks were individually interesting the part where I expected them to have a conversation, mediated by Andrew Kelly, was somewhat disappointing as George had to dash. Still Eugene fielded many questions from the audience.

On Thursday I went to Jo Hall's book launch of The Art of forgetting: Rider which seemed to go very well. Nice to meet the Bristol SF&F guys too

On Friday I was in the Central Library for the Griot Globetrotters

A really interesting mix of writers and poets, I especially enjoyed Warsan Shire

Saturday I was taken out to dinner and cocktails so didn't get to Sunday's event, which was supposed to start at 21:30...

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