Friday 19 July 2013

The venue: Mr B's Emporium of reading delights
The author: Jonathan Grimwood (John courtney Grimwood pseudonymously)
The subject: Literary feasts

It was hot, the customary band were in Penzance, the windows were open, the fans were on and yet at half time most people escaped out onto the streets to try to cool down. Nic and Jonathan talked about his new book The Last Banquet - Jonathan Grimwood

It seemed to fly past but covered a wide range of topics, mostly food related, with Jonathan being erudite and amusing and a really interesting speaker. All too soon it was time to sample the food, tonight prepared by the boyfriend of a member of staff, this was high quality stuff, very tasty, with a lovely watermelon salad washed down with a few glasses of nice white wine.

After the break Nic talked books with culinary themes including one that found it's way into my bag along with the Last Banquet. (Eat him if you like by Jean Teule)

I mentioned Feeding Orchids to the slugs which sensuously talks about food & is the memoir of a zen cook. Cheryl Morgan ( mentioned 2 interesting books which I failed to make a note of and Jonathan also mentioned a book yet sadly I didn't scribble that down either. With several other audience members chipping in I hope someone somewhere either has a better memory than me or was writing it down - answers in comments if you will...

Overall a very pleasent evening, chatting with old friends and new and am now plotting something secret and exciting....

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