Friday 22 April 2016

Friday Flash

I did this quickly - on a Facebook post about the government burying bad news - 

Bad News

"What we need," said the government PR guru, "is some really bad news."

 "Bad news?" the Prime Minister said, "we've got tons of bad news!"

"No what I meant was we need to bury our bad news under worse news."

"Go on." The Prime Minister leant forward with a hawkish expression.

"Well, if a loved celebrity dies, or a boat sinks, or there's a massive fire, all the news will focus on that and we can quietly announce these policies. So let's wait for an opportune moment."

"I have a better idea," the Prime Minister said as he sat back and steepled his fingers, "let's engineer some worse news. Who would you say the proles would miss more, a pop star or a comedian?"
He picked up the black ops phone and pressed the speed dial. "Hello? We have some wet work for you..."

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