Tuesday 14 January 2014

3 very short reviews
why are you doing this? by Jason




Jason’s understated art is excellently paired with a story about love lost, friendship and murder. A man witnesses a murder and takes the blame for it. On the run from the police he must try to solve the murder himself.


Overall – nice art and story, recommended.


incidents in the night book one by David B




At night I slept under a blanket of books


I confess to only buying this as Brian Evenson did the translation but I’m glad I did. I think this would appeal to most book lovers. Characters hide in books, there is a book that is only made up of the letter N repeated infinitely, there is a bookshop that has so many books that you must perform an archaeological dig to try and find the obscure book you’re looking for. There is no real summary that can do justice to this rather mad tale.


Overall – Great art, great plot, great story



The encyclopaedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg




Our tale opens with a man and a woman meeting and falling in love and yet being magnetically unable to touch each other or even come within a few feet of each other. Who are they? And what is causing this mysterious condition. The tale is set in “Early Earth” in a time when there are 3 moons and before the history of the earth as we know it, a time before dinosaurs but when there were other men and women. There are also gods, or a god and his children, who do squabble and interfere in the lives of the humans. Being a neat blend of mythology and almost biblical the story manages to keep your attention and the art is also very good.


Overall – very few books get quirky right, this one does

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