Wednesday 29 January 2014

Silverwood books event Bristol Foyles – 25/01/14

Silverwood is a local publisher for indie, self-funding authors bringing together a range of services that self-pub authors need – from editing to marketing. A really interesting model. On a very rainy Saturday they gathered their authors together and invited folk from Bristol to come and listen to what they do, meet their authors and potentially make contacts for new authors.

It was an informative set of talks from a group of experts that Silverwood gathered together – to kick off (and to me at the beginning of the writing proces the most immediately useful) Carolyn Lewis gave a quick talk on writing – you can see her top 10 tips here. Carolyn aims to give new writers confidence in their writing. Other topics included book design, bookselling (by Foyles event supervisor Rob Norton), how to use social media to promote yourself as an author, how to crowdfund your book and making audio books.

Throughout there were short readings by Silverwood authors which proved that self-publishing needn’t mean any compromises on quality. It also served as a great mixer for the authors, some of whom had only ever met virtually before, as well as gave some fans access to the authors.

Throughout the event the trees you can see in the above picture attracted leaves, as attendees put their feedback onto them. A nice idea.

Overall it was a really interesting 3 or so hours and great to see a whole range of successful self-published authors getting together & hearing about their successes. Silverwood are obviously doing something right. If you’re thinking of self-publishing I think it would be worth talking to them. I certainly took away some top tips after the day.

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