Tuesday 22 July 2014

The Cons are coming!

So August is always a busy month and this year looks no different - 

First up is Nine Worlds, one of my favourite Cons from last year and one I'm really looking forward to this year.

I'm on the program – 

Writing the Inhuman: more yeti than human...
1.30pm - 2.45pm
County A
From Frankenstein's creation to Lady Stoneheart, literature is constantly probing the the boundaries between the human and the inhuman to ask: who is the true monster?
Panel: Pete Sutton, Adrian Tchaikovsky, David Mumford, Laure Eve, Jennifer Williams

And will be doing a reading as part of the "New Voices" sessions - as yet I don't know if that will be Friday or Saturday

The weekend after is LonCon and again I’m on the program there –

Old New Classics: The Off-Beat and Indie Comics of Yore
Saturday 13:30 - 15:00, Capital Suite 14 (ExCeL)
When people discuss the Golden Age and Silver Age of Comics the conversation is often dominated by the emergence of the superhero in both DC and Marvel. However, from its inception comics were always a fertile breeding ground for fun, weird, and alternative stories.

What influential, under-appreciated comics from the past deserve a higher profile today? What kind of comics would people like to see more of now, that were plentiful in the past?

Are we more progressive in comics today, or re-learning to embrace the medium?
Scott Edelman (M), Smuzz, Allan J. Sim, Peter Sutton, Barbara G.Tarn
On Sunday 17th I’m off to Edinburgh Fringe – where I’ll be watching plays, comedy and some book stuff (I have tickets for both Jeff VanderMeer & Nik Harkaway) – I’ll be blogging the Fringe this year – more details later.
I get back from the Fringe and have a day or two rest then on Monday 25th Ann & Jeff VanderMeer will be doing an event (tickets here)
Small stories in association with Bristol Festival of Literature, Wizards Tower Press & BristolCon present:
An evening with Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

Calling all short story aficionados, Time Travellers, Steampunkers, Weirdmongers and Purveyors of Rare and Discredited Diseases. Small Stories have teamed up with Bristol Festival of Literature, Wizards Tower Press & BristolCon to bring you an evening with husband and wife publishing powerhouses Ann & Jeff VanderMeer.

Ann & Jeff will be in conversation with Cheryl Morgan and will be answering those short story questions you've always wanted to ask an award winning editor and author. There will also be a chance to get your books signed.
The following day Jeff VanderMeer is being interviewed about his Southern Reach series & novel career at Mr B’s Emporium, tickets here
Then, although not in August, I’ll be at FantasyCon in York – not sure of Program as yet.
& of course in October it is Bristol Festival of Literature and BristolCon at which I’ll be doing “stuff” (details when I get them) – so busy times ahead.

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