Thursday 17 July 2014

The Time Machine play - a review

HG Wells's The Time Machine - adapted for the stage by Robert Lloyd Parry performed at The Brewery Theatre Bristol.

(Photo: Kevin Jamieson -

This was a pretty last minute decision on my behalf, to go and see a play but I'm glad I did. Parry tells the story of the Time Machine from the garden of a suburban villa in 1895 at night. The Time Traveller has returned from his adventures with the Eloi and Morlocks and is recounting them to the audience.

Parry has kept the essence of the book, as well as Wellsian turns of phrase and has spun it into a surprisingly physical performance (considering he is recounting the tale) that works effectively. Even if you know the plot well Parry's performance brings it fully alive and there are few places where attention slips.

The brewery theatre is an interesting building, next to a rather splendid cafe. Shame that they got a torturer to design the seats though, the most uncomfortable I've ever been in any theatre in my life, which sadly distracted me from the play. If the play had been at all dull I doubt I would have endured the discomfort for the entire thing. Luckily Parry is never less than entertaining.

If you're a fan of Wells then I'd recommend you to go and see this play before it disappears off the circuit. More details of where & when are here:

Picture & Photograph taken from the Nunkie Theatre's website

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