Tuesday 21 October 2014

North by Southwest


Our Fundsurfer is now live - Please log in and pledge for your great rewards!

Since earlier this year I've been working on an anthology - the North Bristol Writers have got together to create a whole bunch of new stories and it's almost time that they were committed to paper.

There are 10 writers, 1 fantastic artist and 1 brilliant editor ready to turn a whole bunch of words into a living breathing book.

But we need cash to make it a reality and so we're launching a Fundsurfer. What's Fundsurfer? It's a crowdfunding platform, not just any crowdfunding platform though because these boys are based in Bristol.


If you're going to help fund this you'll have to register an account.

And we've been in to meet them & discuss the project and they've been super helpful every step of the way since we decided to go down the crowdfunding route.

At BristolCon we'll be launching the Fundsurfer and you will be able to throw all your money at us in return for a variety of cool rewards. I'll do an update post when we go live. And, no doubt throughout the process. With updates to the crowdfunding, cover reveals, cover blurbs, early reviews etc.

This is my first foray into crowdfunding and I'm not sure what to expect - will people flock or flee?

Anyhow - I'd like to publicly thank Richard Jones from Tangent books who will do the magic publishing bit once we have typeset the book. Joanne Hall (@Hierath) for stepping in to wrangle the wordage. Claire M Hutt (@clairedreams99) for providing lots of wonderful art, and excellent advice.

And, of course, my fellow writers - Jemma Milburn, Clare Dornan, Ian Millsted, Kevlin Henney, Margaret Carruthers, Roz Clarke, John Hawks-Reed, Desiree Fischer  & Justin Newland

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