Tuesday 10 February 2015

Weirder shadows over Innsmouth Giveaway winners

Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth by Stephen…

Congratulations to Ian Millsted and Seb Smith for winning copies of "Weirder Shadows over Innsmouth" edited by Stephen Jones, published by Titan books.

Readers were asked to provide us a mail titled  - "I need a copy of Weirder shadows over Innsmouth" and telling us in the body of the mail why they needed a copy. The two most entertaining entries would win a copy of the book (if you make us laugh or scream in terror whilst simultaneously losing our minds, that will automatically put you on the shortlist).

Ian's entry - "Because an anthology of weird fiction set in isolated communities of inbred folk will bring back fond memories of my two years teaching at a rural school in East Anglia."

Seb's entry - "Shadows draw closer; a deeper fear clutches at the wretched tatters of sanity... Had I received that blasphemous tome and been forewarned of the horrors which stride between worlds, my mind might have been spared the horror which lead to incarceration in this institution where only the damned dare tread..."

Well done guys - copies will be in your hands very soon!

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