Thursday 27 March 2014

Sarah Butland Guest Post

Today Sarah Butland dropped by to talk about money

Sarah Butland was born in Ontario, the year was 1982. She was moved to New Brunswick for over 15 years and now resides at home in Nova Scotia, Canada. Butland has been married to her high school sweetheart and has a superstar son named William, and a cat named Russ who all make her house a home.

BananaBoy and the Adventures of Sammy was born with Sending You Sammy, her first published children's book. Then came Brain Tales - Volume One, a collection of short stories and finally Arm Farm, her current literary pride and joy.

Butland has also won Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Some Say it's All About the Money...


It's important to remember who you are without the need for money. We are more than paper currency and it's crucial to realize without that we are souls, hearts and pumping blood.


I often ask friends what they would love to do if all jobs/ careers paid the same. Some don't know what to say, often their minds are confused by the opportunity presented as it's always been so much about the money.


But opportunity speaks volumes too and we all create our own opportunities. People often wonder why all the drama happens in their life and it's no wonder – they dwell on it and what you focus on seems appreciated and keeps happening.


Instead let's focus on the essence of life and all we have to offer without concern for a paycheck. Feel the blood, life and soul flowing through us and celebrate all the good in the world.


Except for when it comes to Fantasy and Fiction


When you're a writer the possibilities are endless and as long as reader's can believe it or simply enjoy it, you've succeeded.


Most authors will say it's not about the money, it's about finding readers but they are always thinking of the sales. It's what our world has become accustomed to so a reprieve when reading a story focused more on life and essence of being is often welcomed.


My award winning short story, Blood Day, starts with the line:


I've always been told we all bleed red, take breaths, and die if poisoned so I often wondered why I wasn't dead yet.

The reader is then welcomed into the strange life of Veronica as she tries to discover who she is while not being the cliché of a coming of age story, this is more coming of human story.


What would you do without the need for money?


If you were told the most important thing was to cherish every tear drop, memory and celebrate drops of seeped blood, how would you spend your days? In happiness, I suspect.


Thanks for reading,


Sarah Butland



Download Blood Day The Short Story today for free to escape your need for money.

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