Friday 16 October 2015

An Evening at the Fear Institute

Last night was my first acting experience in, oh so long, so long in fact that I can barely remember my last one - iirc it was as "War General Death Chicken" at Lepracon in the early 2000's and that was just to run on stage, cluck a bit and run off (ah acting, it builds character you know) and before that it was probably in school.

Talking of school that was the last time I attempted to write a play, at age 12. I wrote a play (at a catholic school) where the main character was a chain-smoking kleptomaniac priest and the cast were stuck on board a ski lift gondola. Bless my teacher at the time, Miss Dempsey, the only one of my English teachers to encourage me to write. She put it on in front of the whole school during a performance week (other classes put on Shakespeare & other 'proper' playwright's plays). I don't remember my play going down very well...

(The Erishkagel Working)

(A Long Spoon)

Last night's performance was very different. We performed four plays adapted from Jonathan L Howard's Johannes Cabal stories. And it seemed to go very well.

Many thanks to Chris Cutting for directing us

 (Chris Cutting -  iPhone struggling with low light there)

Paul Donovan for doing the fantastic sound effects and for sitting in a cupboard throughout the performance

And my fellow writers and actors:

Death of Me - adapted for radio by AA Abbott & LE Turner
Exeunt Demon King - adapted for radio by Rosie SharrattThomas David Parker Pete Sutton
The Erishkagel Working - adapted for radio by Pete Sutton & Thomas David Parker
A Long Spoon - adapted for radio by Chris Cutting

Johannes Cabal - Ken Shinn
Jones the Hatter, Mr Curry, Pensey - Thomas David Parker
Myghin - AA Abbott
Parkin, Luan Da - Pete Sutton
Constable Copeland, Zarenyia - Ellen Waddell
Assorted Sprites, Zombies & Others - LE Turner
Maleficarus, Rufus Maleficarus - Chris Cutting

(Where's the audience?)

 (Death of Me in full flow)

Johannes Cabal is a great character and the stories are very funny. You should go check out Jonathan's books!

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